Michelle Haumont Jewelry is about forging a connection between the present and the past.  

I view pieces of jewelry as tangible symbols of significant events or times in our lives.  A simple piece of costume jewelry may hold as much sentimental value as a wedding ring because the value comes from more than the materials.  Jewelry acts as a timeless bridge to the past.  In my own life, I clearly recall playing with pieces of my mom's jewelry.  The jewelry that my parents wore are some of my most cherished possessions.  I am so grateful for the memories and feelings associated with these pieces.  I strive for the jewelry I create to hold as much meaning for you and your family.



In addition to the website, where can Michelle Haumont Jewelry be purchased?

Bunky Boutique Downtown - Phoenix, Arizona

Bunky Boutique Sky Harbor International Airport - Phoenix, Arizona

Made Art Boutique - Phoenix, Arizona



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